About Us

Ross Lunceford, Lincoln Elementary principal.

Principal's Message                  

Lincoln Elementary is gaining  state-wide recognition for making significant gains in student learning and has a vision to be the highest achieving elementary in the Ogden School District. Teachers and administrators recieve regular technical assistance from a variety of resources to improve teaching and learning of new academic programs, especially in the areas of reading and mathematics.

The school’s improvement effort is led by the School Leadership Team with assistance from the School Support Team. Parent involvement is key to our efforts to be the best! The neighboring YMCA Center provides learning and social opportunities for students before and after school and tutoring in a variety of subjects.


Lincoln Vision

Lincoln Elementary will be the highest achieving elementary school in the Ogden School District. We will achieve this by becoming the best instructors of literacy and mathematics resulting in the highest level of learning.

National Distinguished Title 1 School


Lincoln Norms

  • We are fully present and interactive.
  • We value each other's opinions and efforts.
  • We speak positively about our peers, students and our school.
  • We are all responsible for student learning.
  • We accept failure as a necessary part of the learning process.
  • We rise together; we are all in this together.

Selected in 2017


Exceptional student performance for two or more consecutive years