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Welcome to the Counselor Corner

  I am the counselor at Lincoln Elementary, Roxie Crouch. (Most people call me Mrs. Roxie). I am very excited to be a Lincoln Lynx.  Every Month I will be posting a newsletter that will summarize some of the things we have learned that month. My lessons will focus on social and emotional learning,college and career readiness, bully prevention, etc. In addition to classroom lessons, I also help students individually and in small groups. You can find all of my newsletters on the right side of this page, each newsletter is labeled by month.  

It is difficult being a parent—I have raised 4 children and know  every day can be a new challenge. I have learned that there are basically three kinds of parents.  Look below and see if you are a drill sergeant or a helicopter. If you are, consider changing to a consultative parent.  

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   -Ms. Roxie

Counseling Department Belief Statement

We believe in students

At Lincoln we believe that every student is special and has the potential to achieve high goals. We work hard to create an environment that is mindful and optimal for learning. To support this, we have identified the following school wide rules:

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Safe

The students are familiar with these rules and practice them in common areas as well as inside of the classroom. When you visit our school, you will notice that these rules are posted on the walls. We encourage you to discuss these rules with your student as well.

We believe in families

At Lincoln we believe that parents and families are important members of our community. A strong home-school connection is one of the biggest factors contributing to student success. If I can provide support or guidance in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We believe in our Lincoln Community

At Lincoln we value our school community. I am here to support leadership, teachers, office staff, and support staff in any way that lends to the success of our community. As a team we are strong in cultivating a positive academic and social climate for the students.

Monthly Counselor Newsletter


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